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Shot Tracker

What is Shot Tracker

Shot Tracker is an easy to use shot/stats tracker for your kid’s hockey. As a father of a goalie on a competitive team, I couldn't find a tracker that met my needs, so... I built one. What was originally designed to simply track shots, quickly grew to so much more as I realized that I could still capture a lot more data, without sacrificing the clean, simple design that I had built that is quick and easy to use. Capture key information quickly while still keeping a close eye while your kids on the ice.

This is not only a must have for goalie parents, but for any competitive teams, and especially coaches. This simple to use app provides coaches with valuable game data that will give you that competitive edge.

Understand where your team is struggling whether its in the offence-zone, defensive-zone or face-offs. Visually see where your team is shooting; are they taking the shots in high scoring areas or are they all from the outside? Start learning your opponents better including seeing where they commonly take shots from, where are your players most often scoring from; even determine if the other goalie has weakness based on where the past goals have been scored on them! This key information will help you get the upper hand on the teams your playing against and can be used to help refine drills during practices to bridge any gaps.

Key Features:

  • Track where shots are being taken both on the ice and on net
  • Track shots, missed shots, blocked shots and goals
  • Capture face-offs, penalties and goal details
  • Shot Tracker uses CloudKit so that you can access your data on any device you login to
  • Review your complete game history as everything you capture is listed for you to see
  • Review game stats during and after the game!

Pro Features:

  • Save More than 3 Games
  • Customize Team Names and Colors
  • Access More Stats such as SOG per period, PIM, PowerPlays, Face-offs Wins/Percentages and more!
  • View Shooting Zones
  • Toggle On/Off Shots, Goals, Missed Shots and Blocked Shots